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Good health begins in the gut

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What is colon hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as Colonic Irrigation, is a gentle natural procedure that clears the faecal waste matter from the gut, leaving you feeling light and clean with a feeling of overall well-being. It helps to promote good gut health and supports a healthy gut microbiome.

Warm temperature-controlled, filtered water is introduced into the colon (your large intestine, via the rectum) – similar to an enema. The water and waste matter are then eliminated via the tubing, and several cycles of refill and elimination are then carried out.

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Why have a colonic

We need to remove this toxicity and restore our gut's balance, harmony and hydration.

Cleansing - Our Modern lifestyles are highly toxic to the human body. Our diet of highly processed food, full of sugar, animal proteins, pesticides, parabens, anti-biotics, E-numbers, caffeine, and alcohol means the body’s elimination system – liver, kidney, skin, lymph system and colon – is simply overwhelmed and overloaded allowing toxins to enter the bloodstream. We need to remove this toxicity and restore balance and harmony to our gut.

It is estimated that 90% of diseases can be attributed directly or indirectly to an unhealthy digestive system. It is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place. People suffer from malabsorption and auto-intoxication because of a gradual build-up of many layers of impacted mucoidal plaque in the intestinal tract. Removing the mucoidal plaque allows for a healthy gut microbiome to flourish and improves nutritional absorption.

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Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Clients notice improvements to:


Brighter Eyes

Mental Clarity

Reduced Bloating

Energy & Vitality


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The Treatment

The first appointment will normally last for 60-90 mins as a detailed consultation form must be completed. The Therapist goes through the form and explains the treatment. The treatment itself usually takes between 35 - 45 mins. Following the treatment aftercare advice may be given taking into account the client’s case history. This may include nutritional and lifestyle advice.

The treatment should leave you feeling lighter, energised and clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Colonic hydrotherapy involves a gentle internal cleanse using warm, purified water. This process aids in the removal of accumulated faecal matter, gas, mucus, and toxins from the colon. Tracing back its origins to around 1500 B.C., colonic therapy not only enhances the colon's tone and shape but also extends its impact beyond mere cleansing. The positive effects often extend throughout the body, resulting in clearer skin, heightened energy levels, improved mental clarity, reduced occurrences of headaches, better circulatory and immune system functionality, weight management enhancements, amongst many other reported benefits

The process starts with a consultation to discuss your overall health and any medical conditions or concerns you may have, to put you at ease and to ensure the suitability of the treatment for you. The procedure will be fully explained to you.
The actual colonic session lasts approximately 45 minutes, during which warm water is delicately introduced into the colon through the rectum. Throughout this time, specific massage techniques are employed to encourage the release of stored matter and gas. Your privacy and modesty are protected at all times you will be made to feel relaxed and should feel lighter brighter cleansed and refreshed following the treatment.

This is a gentle treatment which involves warm purified water lightly cleansing the colon. You may feel an unfamiliar urge to use the bathroom at the beginning of the treatment, but this feeling quickly subsides as you become accustomed to the sensation. Most clients report the treatment to be ‘surprisingly soothing, rejuvenating and cleansing’. During the treatment gentle abdominal massage adds to your feelings of relaxation and comfort and will overall assist the effectiveness of the treatment.



Many clients report reduced bloating, a lighter feeling, and a flatter tummy following the treatment. However, it is important to note that weight loss primarily consists of the removal of waste not fat or Cellulite.

This varies from Client to Client just like with massages. Some Clients like to rest, others feel a surge of energy. Feelings of lightness and hunger are also reported, with some individuals not feeling inclined to eat for several hours afterwards. In certain cases, as the detoxification process delves deeper, there could be increased tiredness. If this occurs, it's advisable to consider scheduling another colonic as soon as possible.

Depending on your food sensitivities a probiotic may be offered following the treatment and a course of probiotics recommended.

No, As a dedicated Therapist and member of RICTAT, I am committed to making you feel at ease at all times and to protecting your modesty throughout the treatment. A towel/wrap will be provided for you to use. You will be completely covered, shielded and kept warm during your treatment. There are adjacent toilet and washing facilities exclusively for your use.

Yes, you can undergo a colonic while menstruating. It is recommended to have an extra tampon or towel available for use immediately after the treatment.

No colonics are not recommended during pregnancy.

Generally, it's recommended to wait around 12 weeks after regular childbirth to have a colonic, unless there are complications or a caesarean section in which case this will be much longer. You should consult your doctor or a nurse if you have any questions or are uncertain.

It is possible to have a colonic while nursing.

No, the majority of our clients have no issues whatsoever.

Recent Client Reviews

Had my first treatment yesterday and it was amazing thank you Judy really looking forward to the next session. This is something everyone should experience, yes you can feel nervous or anxious but Judy explains everything and puts you at ease she is very professional and very knowledgeable thank you Judy for giving this service it is so much appreciated and it is so very much needed to help us keep healthy guts well done _x_

Carole H

Judi was so welcoming and explained everything thoroughly. Totally put me at ease. I felt great during the process and after. I highly recommend.

Amanda C

Judi made me feel at ease and explained the process along with a thorough medical questionnaire. I felt brighter and lighter after and slept for 9 hours! The next day I was full of energy. It was my first treatment and I was nervous but there was nothing to worry about. Highly recommend it and hope my bloating eases

Linda G

Very professional and friendly service. Judi talked me through the process, which was comforting. The viewing tube was great! And Satisfying! My stomach area felt lighter immediately. Whilst it took a few nights , my sleep pattern has now improved and I’ve stopped waking up at silly o’clock. I’m also making a concerted effort to drink more water which was one of the recommendations. Thanks again

Nicila C

Couldn't recommend highly enough! was nervous prior but Judi explained
everything and put me at ease throughout. 2 sessions in and seen a
remarkable improvement in my IBS symptoms!

Anthony T.

Very professional and friendly service. Judi talked me through the
process, which was comforting. The viewing tube was great! And
Satisfying! My stomach area felt lighter immediately . Whilst it took a
few nights, my sleep pattern has now improved and I’ve stopped waking up
at silly o’clock. Im also making a concerted effort to drink more water,
which was one of the recommendations. Thanks again.

Nicila C.

Was my first ever treatment and couldn’t rate highly enough. Has
totally resolved my gas and bloating issues and actually was ‘enjoyable’
. Have booked in for a follow up in a couple of months, this time with

Mike C.

Judi was so welcoming from the moment I stepped through the door and made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole procedure. So professional and friendly and explained everything and was so knowledgeable - I learnt so much! Highly recommend and will be booking in again!

Sophie D

I had my first ever cleanse with Judi yesterday. She is brilliant. Judi really put me at ease and explained everything really well. I can’t recommend the treatment enough. I’ve raved about it so much that my husband is now really keen to book in!

Samantha A

I had a treatment with Judi last week and I highly recommend. Judi is very friendly, professional and super knowledgeable. I felt at ease from the moment I walked in and very comfortable talking about any issues/concerns I had. The treatment was a great success and ever since I’ve felt so much better in myself mentally and physically. I would recommend Judi to anyone thinking about having colonic hydrotherapy.

Lauren S

I have been having colonics since 2003 but having moved back to Norfolk in 2018 could find no one locally.Now I have!! Highly recommended. Judith is lovely and very knowledgeable. After the first session my stomach is no longer bloated and flatter, my waist is back and I no longer have that awful full feeling. Highly professional.

Nicole S

Judi explained everything so well and put my apprehensive mind at ease very quickly. She was very professional, warm and friendly and made me feel really comfortable. The whole experience was fascinating and not uncomfortable at all, much to my surprise. Thank you Judi xx

Nicole M